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2023-2024 School Start-Up Information

Here are a few important updates to help the first day on Tuesday, September 5th go smoothly: 

  1. Please contact the office this week if you are planning to be absent on the first day, or if your plans have changed and your child will be attending a different school. Currently we have are very close to being fully enrolled. Kindly contact Audrey by phone at 250-427-2255 or by email at this week. 

  2. Tuesday September 5th - First day of school for students in grades 1-3: 
    • All students can gather near the playground between 8:20am and 8:40am.  
    • With our first day being only two hours long, we will be doing grade-level activities in the field to help students get to know each other and our staff. Look for signs for Grade 1, 2 and 3 student gathering areas or ask a staff member who is wearing a reflective vest.   
    • Dismissal on the first day is at 10:45am. 
    • Please send your child with adequate clothing to be outside for the two hours, a water bottle, and a small snack.  
    • Buses are running to accommodate this early dismissal with departure set for 10:55am. Students will exit the field near the green house and line up by the sidewalk. 
    • All students being picked will go to the back of the school and staff will support them in getting where they need to go. 
  3. Class assignments:  
    • Following our first day, grades 1-3 welcome letters will be emailed Tuesday, September 5th in the late afternoon or early evening. Welcome letters will include a map of where students can meet their teachers on Wednesday morning.  
  4. Wednesday September 6th - First day in classes for grades 1-3: 
    • Teachers will meet students outside near their classroom doors as per the map shared by email on Tuesday.   
    • Please send your child with adequate clothes to be outside for any outdoor learning, a water bottle and full lunch. 
    • Wednesday is a full day with dismissal at 2:48pm.  
  5. Student pick up and drop off by personal vehicle:  
    • In accordance with the City of Kimberley bylaws, this is a gentle reminder that all vehicles parking or dropping off/picking up must be parallel to the street. Salmo Street is our drop off/pick up zone. 
    • Please be aware that 7th Avenue is our bus loading and unloading zone. 
    • Please do not park near the gym as this is staff parking only. 
  6. Changes for student pickup: 
    • We need advance notice when there is a change of pickup plans for students. We receive countless last minute changes that cause the office, teachers, and students significant stress. Last minute changes also delay the departure of buses, which impacts countless other students and families from Kimberley schools.  
    • If there is a change of plans for student pickup, kindly communicate this with your child's teacher and the office before noon. We cannot continue to accommodate last minute changes. 
  7. Kindergarten Gradual Entry Schedule: 
    • September 5-8: Interviews only.  
      • No kindergartens here unless with parent/guardian for their confirmed interview. 
      • Please allow for 40 minutes: 20 minutes for the interview and 20 minutes for our early years survey. 
    • September 11-13: All kindergartens attend from 8:45am – 12:00pm.  
      • Please ensure you provide a recess snack.  
      • No buses for K students these days. 
    • September 14: All kindergartens attend from 8:45am – 1:09pm.  
      • Please ensure you provide a recess snack and a lunch.  
      • No buses for K students this day. 
    • September 15: 8:45am – 1:09pm. All kindergartens attend a full regular Friday. 
      • Please ensure you provide a recess snack and a lunch.  
      • No buses for K students this day. 
    • September 18: 8:45am – 2:48pm. All kindergartens attend their first full regular day. 
      • Classes confirmed and communicated to parents.  
      • Please ensure you provide a recess snack and a lunch.  
      • Buses available for K students starting this day. 
    • September 19: 8:45am – 2:48pm. First day in assigned classroom. 
      • Please ensure you provide a recess snack and a lunch.  
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