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September 3, 2022 Update

Dear Lindsay Park Families, 

This update includes information for the first week of school so please read it carefully. 

Teacher Welcome Email 

By now you should have received an email from your child’s teacher. If you have not for some reason, please email: this weekend so we can get information to you about our Tuesday start. 

First Day Reminders 

The first day of school is Tuesday September 6 from 8:40am – 11:45am. We have created a map for Drop Off and Parking Locations to make it easier to find your teacher. Kids just need inside shoes, a water bottle and a recess snack for the first day. Buses will be picking up at 11:45am on the first day. If your child normally rides the bus and you plan to pick them up Tuesday, please let the office know. 

Kindergarten Reminders 

Kindergartens are on a graduated entry and those families will have received information on when their parent/teacher meeting time is. Kindergarten parents, please remember to plan for 30 min after your meeting to complete the on-line CHEQ survey. (Childhood Experiences Questionnaire)  

Health Guidelines 

The current Provincial Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 School Settings are available for your review. Below are a few highlights: 

  • Masks are no longer required for anyone to wear, but if any child or adult feels more comfortable at any time wearing a mask, this is an inclusive and safe place to make that choice.  
  • All adults, parents, caregivers and students should stay at home if they are sick. If you are well, you can come to school.  
  • Also, we will be continuing with hand hygiene (handwashing often) and respiratory etiquette (cough and sneeze into elbow or tissue, not touching eyes and mouth with unwashed hands, not sharing food or drink).  
  • We are not ready for home baked treats to be shared in class at this time but thanks for the thought! 
  • We will also be continuing to ensure there is as little crowding as possible in the school. Children will be dismissed from different exits, depending on their class, and we will ask parents to wait outside for pick up and drop off at the beginning and end of the day, which are high volume times in the hallways.  
  • If you need to come into the school to drop off a lunch, or get a child for an appointment, you are welcome to come in! All visitors must sign in at the office when entering the building please. Signing is was always an expectation for other health and safety reasons such as fire drills and also monitoring who is in our building and when. 

Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct 

The code of conduct is available in our Parent Handbook for 2022-2023. It’s mandatory that each parent receive this document for review. It’s also found in the front of the children’s school planner and it’s posted in the hall of the school. This document is reviewed by staff annually and we welcome your input. Much of the code of conduct is provincially mandated but we are happy to receive your feedback.  

Parent Advisory Council 

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC)has some great activities planned for families this year. We will keep you posted in our newsletters and emails. If you are interested in participating and supporting our PAC, please plan to come to a meeting on Wednesday September 14 at 6:00pm in the school library. To join the PAC mailing list, please fill out the PAC Meeting Emails form online.   

Student Drop Off and Pick Up  

Please be patient and drive slowly when dropping off or picking up your child. Fortunately, the City has done a great job of road improvements near the school! Parents can parallel park along 7th Avenue, or near the playground on the north side of the school. We ask that parents do not park in the staff parking spots on Salmo Street. Our Drop Off and Parking Locations map provides a helpful visual.

Reach Out with Questions  

There is a LOT of information coming your way in the next few weeks as there always is at school start-up. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email the office. We want each of you to feel confident and comfortable sending your child to school and if there’s anything we can do to support you and your family, just let us know.  

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District Notice

24-25 Operational Plan Feedback

Each year, as part of a continuous improvement cycle, Rocky Mountain School District develops an operational plan that outlines the goals and strategies that will be the focus of the work for the upcoming year. This plan is guided by the current 4-year strategic plan using a variety of student data as the foundation for decision making, schools develop school success plans that identifies targets for improving student learning.

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