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First Day of School - Tuesday September 6th

Dear Lindsay Park Families, 

Hello, my name is Dan Clark and I am very excited to join the learning community at Lindsay Park Elementary School as principal. We are so excited for this school year to begin, and look forward to having your family and child(ren) as part of our school!  

This year, we are looking forward to an action-packed schedule with many of the traditional events and activities we have missed in the last two years. We are also excited to add a ninth class to our school! You will see a second portable on site and much work by staff to prepare it for students. 

Here are a few important updates to help the first day on Tuesday, September 6th go smoothly: 

  1. Class assignments:  
    1. Grades 1-3 welcome letters will be emailed Friday, September 2nd 
    2. Kindergarten welcome letters will be emailed Friday, September 17th 
  2. Student pick up and drop off by personal vehicle:  
    1. In accordance with the City of Kimberley bylaws, this is a gentle reminder that all vehicles parking or dropping off/picking up must be parallel to the street. Salmo is our drop off/pick up zone. 
    2. Please be aware that 7th Avenue is torn up so access will be limited. 
    3. Please do not park near the gym as this is staff parking only. 
  3. First day of school for students in grades 1-3: 
    1. All students can gather near the playground between 8:20am and 8:40am. Teachers will meet students outside near their classroom doors.   
    2. Dismissal on the first day, Tuesday, September 6th is at 11:45am. 
    3. Buses are running to accommodate this early dismissal. Students on the bus go out the front door and line up. 
    4. All students being picked will go to the back of the school and staff will support them in getting where they need to go. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions by contacting the office. 


Dan Clark 

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